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Recent Debt Collection Review

Paul Minney – SMC Entertainment Liverpool

“FJ-Credit Management have successfully recovered a number of long standing debts for us. Sharon is extremely efficient in tactfully contacting the debtor and ensuring payment is made before litigation is necessary. Costs are extremely reasonable and are outlined in full prior to them taking the job on. They are great to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody else who wants to pass on the burden of chasing up outstanding fees. You really have nothing to lose having FJ-Credit Management working on your behalf!”


At Franklin James we understand the hurdles that Entertainment Agents, Promoters, Events Companies and Venues have to overcome in order to run their business successfully. Paula, one of the director’s of this Company and Franklin James Entertainments has also performed herself for over 14 years and has gained the experience and knowledge over the course of the years in the running of a sole trader and limited company business. Paula is also Director of Franklin James Entertainments Ltd and Honorary Treasurer of the Entertainment Agents Association. Sharon, also Director has vast Music Business Experience, alongside working for 3 FTSE listed companies, implementing some of their Credit & Debt Management Processes and obtaining over £120 million in overdue debt. Together they have created this company to enable professionals within the show business industry to effectively and easily run their businesses.

So here are some of the areas we can help you:

  • Late Payments & Debt Collection
  • Out-Sourced Credit Control
  • Credit Management Consultancy & Debt Collection
  • Invoice Letter Templates and set up
  • Debt Collection Letter Templates and set up
  • Book-keeping
  • Self-assessment completion & filing
  • Limited Company Accounts
  • We offer a free bespoke industry “New Customer Form” for you to use when taking on new customers to ensure you have all details necessary to ensure effective payment terms & collection.

We offer continued support and are here for those who are already established Show Business Professionals that require a bit of extra advice or help with collecting payments, credit control and implementing processes to enable effective collection of payments, that are bespoke to suit your company.

We have helped many Entertainment Agents and the likes to date and offer a free, simple consultation over the phone to start.

We offer a discounted rate for Agents and Show Business Professionals who use any of our services who are members of the Entertainment Agents Association. For those who are not members of the Agents Association we are still extremely competitive.

Please give us a call or send an email. 01494 422 742

Business Support in the Show Business Industry. 

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Recent Debt Collection Review

Graham Leedham – Hire an Act UK

“Please let me take this opportunity to thank Franklin James Credit Management Ltd  for your assistance in recovering an aged debt for me. I had previously tried unsuccessfully to recover this debt using the small claims court and the court bailiffs. You managed to get the debt paid in full within 7 days. Your services are professional and efficient and I will be recommending your company to other Entertainment Agencies in the UK.”

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