Franklin James Show Business was created to fulfil a vision that was initially determined by Franklin James Entertainment Agency, “To improve industry standards through providing artists and clients with genuine industry knowledge.”

This vision could not be fulfilled by the Entertainment Agency on its own, it needed a dedicated department to focus on “improving industry standards” hence – Franklin James Show Business.

Paula Bolton, founder of FJ Entertainments, started out as a semi-professional performer at 17.

“I learned early on in my singing career that some venues, artists and agents were not as ethical or professional as others. There came a point in my career where I believed that many agents did not follow a certain “Ethical Code of Conduct”, which should be reflected to artists and to venues / clients / entertainment promoters.”

As a singer, I learned of issues such as:
Late payments
Cancellations from venues
Double bookings
Changes to what was agreed initially in a booking
Extortionate fees put on top of my own fees by some other agents and more….

Paula successfully operated as a professional freelance performer for 4 years. She created processes, strategies, and methods to improve her own Singing Business. 5 years later Paula started her entertainment business with a vision to help improve the Entertainment Industry.

Whilst running the entertainment agency Paula has been contacted for advice regularly by artists who have not been paid in a timely manner by the venue or agent. With the experience Paula has gained over the years, she found the industry based advice was helping artists obtain payment but still enabling the performers to retain the agent and venues for continual work.

Meanwhile…. Sharon Stevens, now MD of FJ Credit Management and Paula’s business partner, had been operating her own businesses for more than 10 years. Sharon has also worked with three blue-chip companies, implementing credit control and debt collection procedures, and obtaining over £120million in outstanding payments for these companies.

Armed with the skills and experience combined within the music industry, credit management and business, Paula and Sharon have been able to create companies that effectively support each other and their customers within the Music Industry.

Franklin James Show Business Services Include:

  • Help with Debt Collection
  • Mediation Services for disputes
  • Industry specific bookkeeping & accountancy
  • Workshops and training courses to Artists & Agents.
  • Legal advice
  • Credit ratings and reporting.
  • Mentors young artists or those just starting out in the world of Entertainment!

“Collecting debts doesn’t mean arguments, sending heavies around and ruining relationships! We have procedures in place that ensure you get paid, but also retain your friendly working relationship with your agent, venue, artist or company.”

The main purpose was to help artists, agents and venues obtain payment in a friendly manner.
Using the ethical methods devised with Sharon Stevens, we aim to advise, educate and improve the issues that arise within the Entertainment and Music Industry.