Renowned in our industry, running in partnership with Franklin James Entertainment Agency, we have established our sister company Franklin James Credit Management. The goals and core values are to help music and show business professionals whether they are a solo performer, a duo or group, a manager, an Entertainment Agency sole trader or limited.

We advise and help when there is a tricky situation regarding Late Payments, Self Assessments, Book-keeping, Debt Collection and more! Or simply if you require someone else to perform in the office while you do what you do best, we can do that. We also help new and especially young entrepreneurs get started in the industry by providing them with the help required to legitimately set up their business and get the right procedures and paperwork in place for running a successful business.

Our bookkeeping services are dedicated and suited to your industry, as we have a passion, knowledge and exceptional understanding of what is required in your unique and fantastic line of work, because the employees and Directors here have in fact, been there themselves!

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Recent Debt Collection Review

Graham Leedham – Hire An Act UK Liverpool

Please let me take this opportunity to thank Franklin James Credit Management Ltd  for your assistance in recovering an aged debt for me. I had previously tried unsuccessfully to recover this debt using the small claims court and the court bailiffs. You managed to get the debt paid in full within 7 days. Your services are professional and efficient and I will be recommending your company to other Entertainment Agencies in the UK.

Recent Book-Keeping Review

Holly Bills – Performer

I have used Franklin James for my bookkeeping to help me with filing my self-assessment, they provided me with a free Spreadsheet template which really helped me to get everything in order. I really would recommend them to all my performer Friends. They have such a knowledge of our industry and offered me fantastic support and advice. From being an Equity member I was offered great Discounts which made them very reasonable. I can use them for advice with regards to collecting payment and having all the correct information when taking Jobs. – Fantastic company that really made a difference to me.